Finding my Center after a setback.

There are so many things that can derail us as we go about our daily lives. Little things that are allowed to build up without addressing them can come out when the proverbial straw stresses your foundation to a breaking point. Your health, your spouses health, you work, the kids, the pride you carry about the way you are looked at by those you care deeply about.

While my Life’s Master Key is still evolving, thanks to my mentors, I have found it easier to repair the track and get the train back in a forward motion. Not having a pressure relief valve of some sort can be very damaging to ones soul. When your mask is ripped off the hurt is exposed. That is frightening and overwhelming and can take the best of us by surprise.

I am thankful for the foundation that was laid for me as I was growing up and maturing. Knowing unconditional love was always there through my searching for the man I was suppose to be. There are so many things that we don’t see that are right in front of us until they are gone. Parts of me are still being molded and some parts are being remodeled as new ideas are entered into the mysterious subconscious mind.

I have found that Life is full of surprises. I am enjoying them with grace and using them to mold a better Steve for me, so that I will fill my major purpose.

Steve Calcagno, A developing and interesting human under construction.


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