A New Year with Life’s Master Key.

As I step into a new year, I look back on the astounding changes that have taken place this past year. Mary and I have been blessed with a wonderful group of “conductors” that have helped orchestrate wondrous changes in our lives.

We, together, have lost over 100 pounds and have had fun doing it with only slight guided changes in our daily routines. Our doctor is astounded at the way we have regained the control of our health. “You are no longer a threat to you heath” as he danced out of the exam room.

My goal at the beginning of the year was to achieve a greater balance of my trinity: body; mind; and soul. With the help of The Journey, Dawn and Drew Ferguson, and Mark Januszewski that goal has become a reality. Mary and I are stronger together. We, both, have regained years of health and vitality without harmful medication. We enjoy activities that were out of reach for us before. We are more at peace with ourselves.

We look forward to a marvelous 2017. Come join the adventure.


5 thoughts on “A New Year with Life’s Master Key.

  1. I can reach lots of things I couldn’t reach before: my feet; my shoe strings while sitting down without holding my breath; my knees to my chest to stretch my back, and other similar feats I will leave to your imagination!!!!! Next step is starting to exercise because my doctor told me doing so will no longer damage my physical, mechanical structural body. Woo Hoo!

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