Week Seven of Life’s Master Key.

bigred-web-text-800x535-153kbYou may ask me “What does the Light House has to do with me?”

I never have been exactly sure of my intrigue with light houses. But as I reflect on my life I find that I have always been searching for a meaningful purpose so I can be a beacon for others and maybe myself. As I look at what I just wrote it sounds a bit confusing.

A light house is there to guide people through a journey of safety and security. To warn them of hazards and to be a landmark of navigation. The light house and its keeper are there though calm and distress to be a beacon for others. What would happen if the light were to darken? Would there be disaster? Would people be lost or injured? Possibly so, but what might happen to the lighthouse? Yes, it could be destroyed by its failure to warn of large ship from its hazardous post.

So, as I ponder how I might be a better beacon, I reflect on lessons I have been gifted to listen to. Be positive in my thoughts and actions. No negativity to be allowed to enter into my mind or actions. Wow! Thanks Mark!!! Really?? Election time with all the media and adds? People in panic over issues that may or may not exist. How to shut out even a little negativity would be a chore.

What I found myself doing was detaching from some of the world. My wife loves politics but I would not stand for one minute of hearing useless “debates” and bias media announcers. She respectfully listened to them with ear phones. I blocked or deleted many things on social media. I attempted to steer clear of discussions of such events and people.

I did not always succeed, but what I accomplished was more inner peace than I had been accustomed to at times like this. I had already been working on being less judgemental of others. Being more open to ideas that may have, in the past, been ignored by me. While I failed to lock out all negativity, I succeeded in finding ways to overcome much of darkness in issues and surround myself with peace and beauty.

We all are searching for things in our lives. We search for answers to our daily difficulties. Some small, some large, some overpowering. Sometimes a light shines on us and gives us hope of a direction not seen before. A beacon to guide us through troubled waters. It may come as a soft word from a friend. A touch of tenderness from a loved one. It may be as simple as a smile from a stranger.

Be a beacon of light and shine bright upon all, regardless of calm or storm. It just might be you that you wind up saving.

Steve Calcagno

A Unique Individual with Gifts from God still being explored..


3 thoughts on “Week Seven of Life’s Master Key.

  1. Steve…I love what you have to share! Peace amidst chaos…I still remember the 1st time I heard the word equanimity and it’s meaning! I was hooked! I wanted that for me Always! You’ve found the key! And you’re right it is a life saver!


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