Week 6 of My Life’s Master Key

bigred-web-text-800x535-153kbAs i sit here in search of answers in life I find some peace in knowing we can touch the lives of many people. This has been an emotional week, even more so than the past month. A life form that changed so many persons life left his earthly being behind. I was never blessed with meeting this vibrant young man, yet he had touched my life through pictures, posts, stories, family and friend connections. He was, and is, proof that ONE person CAN change the world.

We are all here on borrowed time and yet we live as though there is time for us to make corrections for bad choices. Surely we can be better husbands, parents, neighbors, friends tomorrow??? Surely, there is plenty of time??? This young man, who was in a physically and mentally challenged condition, not expected to live to see his tenth birthday, could never be expected to contribute to anyone’s life??? Or was he given a purpose, by a much higher power, to be a blessing to so many for over 30 years.

Yes, Life is Fragile. We here this and we say “I know”. I have come to despise those two words. They have no purpose in life, as I am sure Og Mandino would agree that knowledge is useless unless actions are taken that aid in progression and not stagnation. We know life is fleeting, yet we live as though we have time to correct wrongs in our lives.

Since “I know” I have, so far, been blessed with 64 years of a very wonderful life I now live life with a positive and enthusiastic fervor for connection with those around me. My Italian heritage seem to be put in overdrive. I embrace those around me as I go about my day. I reach out to those who have impacted my life and helped me be the man I am today and laid the foundation for the man I will be tomorrow. I hug, kiss, and touch with a great and energetic passion enveloping family and friends a wonderful sense of joy.

Yes, my life must have meaning. I must live my life today as my legacy depends on it. For now, to all of those that may read my rambling, I tell you this lesson I have learned…

Live fully.. Laugh till you cry..(or pee).. Love with unselfish passion…

As one of those angels who touched so many lives would say.. “GOOD NIGHT, And GOD BLESS”. (Red Skelton)

Steve Calcagno, Living a life worth living. Living a life worth leaving.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 of My Life’s Master Key

  1. I loved Red Skelton…He made us laugh and giggle! My sisters and I created little skits…well mostly my sister. I was older and thought much more mature, but oh how I loved watching her. And I’ve always loved to laugh! Sorry for your loss…Never easy! I’m so grateful for years of a wonderful life! And that I get to rub shoulders with you!

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