Week Five of Life’s Master Key

My life’s journey is more exciting and overpowering challenges thought to have been impossible to overcome. I am in amazement of the enhancements to my attitude and outlook on daily challenges that would have, in the past, distracted me or even halted any positive movement forward in my life. The mentoring and instructions I am absorbing are triggering that mysterious source deep inside me that drives my outer self.

I meet the morning alarm with enthusiasm and confidence to successfully accomplish the daily tasks laid out for me. I am energized with a positive attitude that propels me into the days activities. This positive start to the day has empowered me to attack chores that used to haunt me due to procrastination. I am becoming triumphant over drudgery that use to drag me under the water and darken my day.

My goal of creating a healthier trinity of body, mind, and soul is now becoming a reality. Listening with open mind and exchanging bad habits for good habits such as: Eating healthier; Taking Natural supplements; Getting adequate rest; Drinking pure water; Meditation time; Not staying sedentary for long periods; Taking in the blessings around me. My mind and body now working with a shared enthusiasm and vigor.

My vitality has increased and I now look forward to more quality time with my bride, family, friends, and acquaintances. Enjoying the accomplishment with My Life’s Master Key.




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