Week Four of Life’s Master Key

An emotionally challenging weekend has turned into a triumphant beginning to a joyful life for my family and I. New Habits are taking hold and showing up where old worn out actions used to reside. Smiles and laughter have replaced dull silence and indifference.  I am able to welcome the new changes without feeling a loss for old traditional behavior.

The feeling of exuberance has replaced a lackadaisical unfulfilled existence. I know look forward to the challenges life puts before me in my path to greatness. I feel the energy pouring in from so many channels that were never allowed to enter my inner chamber. I rejoice in new feelings of joy, fulfillment, excitement, and love that my inner being is spilling out of me. People are noticing the positive energy and are responding with enthusiasm.

My “Show Me” state of mind has been transformed in Let Me Show You Something Great. I hurdle walls if doubt and fear that I allowed to stand in my way of my useful life. I have conquered my obsession with “that is the way it must be” and now thrive on my creativeness of influence. The stars are so much brighter from this height.

The joy of seeing God shine his light in and through me has enabled me to take charge of my life while enriching others. I now see my bride’s beautiful eyes shimmer and glow again when she looks at me. The emotional power that is generating empowers more love to flow in me and through me. I rejoice in coming through the dark tunnel and basking in the glow of love.

Steve Calcagno

A Unique and Electrifying Individual Under Construction


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