A New Identity

This week I have been in my innerself’s laboratory creating a new identity for myself. I have been interacting with leaders in different and unique fields upgrading my inner and outer identity. Creating a new self worth and mindset to create a more progressive path to building wealth and a successful legacy.

I have learned to do my best without the fear of failure. I am certain that my efforts are propelling me into a greater state filled with the excitement of accomplishment. With every action I take I am closing in on my desires of health, wealth and fulfillment. Seeing the effects of these changes add to my determination to feed my subconscious with positive thoughts and actions.

My enthusiasm and passion is becoming infectious to those around me. I feel my Italian heritage is driving me to serve all those around me with a love of life, lightening people’s days with laughter and joy. We are all family so let us serve God by serving others. I highlight the positive attributes of my family, friends and associates.

I am fascinated with the results of my “laboratory” accomplishments. The development of the new and powerful Steve is surprising myself while others close to me are happy seeing such improvements of my physical well being along with my upgraded interaction with everyone. A calmer and more sensitive approach to others views and actions has created a more enjoyable gathering or event.

As I have learned to shed the excess weight of my body I am also perfecting the shedding of unwanted bad habits and have replaced them with new and more rewarding habits that serve myself and others in more beneficial ways. The momentum is building and increasing in speed and performance. Obstacles that were in my life are disappearing at a faster rate with less effort.

The New Steve is being fine tuned and is rolling out in your neighborhood. Stay tuned for where and when.

Steve Calcagno

Life’s Master Key




2 thoughts on “A New Identity

  1. Fantastic!! My Fav quote… “We are all family so let us serve God by serving others. ” I so agree! We can’t serve how God needs us to unless we become all that we can! Really nice Steve! So grateful to be on the path with you!

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