Week Five of Life’s Master Key

My life’s journey is more exciting and overpowering challenges thought to have been impossible to overcome. I am in amazement of the enhancements to my attitude and outlook on daily challenges that would have, in the past, distracted me or even halted any positive movement forward in my life. The mentoring and instructions I am absorbing are triggering that mysterious source deep inside me that drives my outer self.

I meet the morning alarm with enthusiasm and confidence to successfully accomplish the daily tasks laid out for me. I am energized with a positive attitude that propels me into the days activities. This positive start to the day has empowered me to attack chores that used to haunt me due to procrastination. I am becoming triumphant over drudgery that use to drag me under the water and darken my day.

My goal of creating a healthier trinity of body, mind, and soul is now becoming a reality. Listening with open mind and exchanging bad habits for good habits such as: Eating healthier; Taking Natural supplements; Getting adequate rest; Drinking pure water; Meditation time; Not staying sedentary for long periods; Taking in the blessings around me. My mind and body now working with a shared enthusiasm and vigor.

My vitality has increased and I now look forward to more quality time with my bride, family, friends, and acquaintances. Enjoying the accomplishment with My Life’s Master Key.




Week Four of Life’s Master Key

An emotionally challenging weekend has turned into a triumphant beginning to a joyful life for my family and I. New Habits are taking hold and showing up where old worn out actions used to reside. Smiles and laughter have replaced dull silence and indifference.  I am able to welcome the new changes without feeling a loss for old traditional behavior.

The feeling of exuberance has replaced a lackadaisical unfulfilled existence. I know look forward to the challenges life puts before me in my path to greatness. I feel the energy pouring in from so many channels that were never allowed to enter my inner chamber. I rejoice in new feelings of joy, fulfillment, excitement, and love that my inner being is spilling out of me. People are noticing the positive energy and are responding with enthusiasm.

My “Show Me” state of mind has been transformed in Let Me Show You Something Great. I hurdle walls if doubt and fear that I allowed to stand in my way of my useful life. I have conquered my obsession with “that is the way it must be” and now thrive on my creativeness of influence. The stars are so much brighter from this height.

The joy of seeing God shine his light in and through me has enabled me to take charge of my life while enriching others. I now see my bride’s beautiful eyes shimmer and glow again when she looks at me. The emotional power that is generating empowers more love to flow in me and through me. I rejoice in coming through the dark tunnel and basking in the glow of love.

Steve Calcagno

A Unique and Electrifying Individual Under Construction

Week 3 Life’s Master Key a work in progress.

My excitement grows as I continue my journey into unlocking the treasures of my inner self. I am amazed at the power I possess that I have been unaware of. Things I did not believe I had the power to change I have found that when I challenge myself the answers appear and the route to change is directing me to success.

There have been challenges that have tried to derail my progress: The extra focus on family has been distracting; the extra amount of pressure at the office has been, at times, over demanding overwhelming; and the new processes have added a new dimension to my existence. All this on top of keeping grounded with the priorities of God and family.

All of this has resulted in a greater enthusiastic Steve coming up to the surface of a very stubborn outer self.  This has resulted in shattering my ingrained myths I have developed over the years that have enveloped me, stopping me from being the best Steve I can be. I am living a healthier physical and mental life. I can focus on my Pivotal Personal Needs of True Health and Spiritual Growth.

The feel the excitement growing and taking over my old habits while a learn new positive habits that are pushing me to attain my goals. I hope to be a positive model for all those that take a part in my journey. Thank you for coming along for the ride that has been my life’s journey.

God Bless.

Steve Calcagno

A unique individual man in training.

A New Identity

This week I have been in my innerself’s laboratory creating a new identity for myself. I have been interacting with leaders in different and unique fields upgrading my inner and outer identity. Creating a new self worth and mindset to create a more progressive path to building wealth and a successful legacy.

I have learned to do my best without the fear of failure. I am certain that my efforts are propelling me into a greater state filled with the excitement of accomplishment. With every action I take I am closing in on my desires of health, wealth and fulfillment. Seeing the effects of these changes add to my determination to feed my subconscious with positive thoughts and actions.

My enthusiasm and passion is becoming infectious to those around me. I feel my Italian heritage is driving me to serve all those around me with a love of life, lightening people’s days with laughter and joy. We are all family so let us serve God by serving others. I highlight the positive attributes of my family, friends and associates.

I am fascinated with the results of my “laboratory” accomplishments. The development of the new and powerful Steve is surprising myself while others close to me are happy seeing such improvements of my physical well being along with my upgraded interaction with everyone. A calmer and more sensitive approach to others views and actions has created a more enjoyable gathering or event.

As I have learned to shed the excess weight of my body I am also perfecting the shedding of unwanted bad habits and have replaced them with new and more rewarding habits that serve myself and others in more beneficial ways. The momentum is building and increasing in speed and performance. Obstacles that were in my life are disappearing at a faster rate with less effort.

The New Steve is being fine tuned and is rolling out in your neighborhood. Stay tuned for where and when.

Steve Calcagno

Life’s Master Key




Life’s Master Key is in it’s infant stages, which is odd to say since I am well above the age of infancy, yet sometimes a new life must begin at that stage. Old habits become ingrained in our DNA to the point to where any foreign ideas are blocked. We continue acting in the same manner towards strangers, friends, and family. It sometimes becomes a competition to claim your position at the top of any conversation or debate. You, of course, are right and that is all that matters. Not that I, of course, can identify with that.

This has been quite a different period in my life. Some events have rocked my very core. My personal beliefs, my professional attitude, things I have been trained in, and my inner person have come to an awakening that, at times, has upset my center of gravity. Is my ability: to read people; to know who they really are; to understand what they really are; to know how to handle them; to be question? What about my level of confidence in my beliefs and philosophies?

It is amazing how events take place and people are brought into you life at a delicate time. Could it be that we are just more tuned into hearing and seeing these revelations because of our state of confusion and anxiety? We may be going down a path we think will lead us to a more heightened state of awareness in our professional life’s yet so much more rushes in. This seems to be an occurrence that I never have been able to pinpoint or understand why it might be happening.

This time it seems as though a man, named Mark, has entered in my life at a time I am searching for “structure” so I can shore up my foundation of beliefs. To regain my in strength and confidence. To check the impurity of my “habits”  and actions and how to reprogram, or better yet, delete the old computer program that runs those habits and reboot a new program that will lead me to reach that pinnacle of performance, I have searched for that will fulfill my “destiny”.

I is great excitement and enthusiasm I start this journey of enlightenment. Yet the best part is I am able to take this journey with my amazing wife at by my side as we enter into the rest of our lives. This is the door we are walking through that has been opened by LifesMasterKey.

Steve Calcagno