Week 15 ~ Jigsaw Puzzles, Observing, and the Choice of to Push or Not to Push the Button

There are times when I have trouble relaxing, to quiet my mind.  This past week has been one of those times.  This post is going to get a bit personal, and I apologize, but that is where I am right…

Source: Week 15 ~ Jigsaw Puzzles, Observing, and the Choice of to Push or Not to Push the Button


Finding my Center after a setback.

There are so many things that can derail us as we go about our daily lives. Little things that are allowed to build up without addressing them can come out when the proverbial straw stresses your foundation to a breaking point. Your health, your spouses health, you work, the kids, the pride you carry about the way you are looked at by those you care deeply about.

While my Life’s Master Key is still evolving, thanks to my mentors, I have found it easier to repair the track and get the train back in a forward motion. Not having a pressure relief valve of some sort can be very damaging to ones soul. When your mask is ripped off the hurt is exposed. That is frightening and overwhelming and can take the best of us by surprise.

I am thankful for the foundation that was laid for me as I was growing up and maturing. Knowing unconditional love was always there through my searching for the man I was suppose to be. There are so many things that we don’t see that are right in front of us until they are gone. Parts of me are still being molded and some parts are being remodeled as new ideas are entered into the mysterious subconscious mind.

I have found that Life is full of surprises. I am enjoying them with grace and using them to mold a better Steve for me, so that I will fill my major purpose.

Steve Calcagno, A developing and interesting human under construction.

A New Year with Life’s Master Key.

As I step into a new year, I look back on the astounding changes that have taken place this past year. Mary and I have been blessed with a wonderful group of “conductors” that have helped orchestrate wondrous changes in our lives.

We, together, have lost over 100 pounds and have had fun doing it with only slight guided changes in our daily routines. Our doctor is astounded at the way we have regained the control of our health. “You are no longer a threat to you heath” as he danced out of the exam room.

My goal at the beginning of the year was to achieve a greater balance of my trinity: body; mind; and soul. With the help of The Journey, Dawn and Drew Ferguson, and Mark Januszewski that goal has become a reality. Mary and I are stronger together. We, both, have regained years of health and vitality without harmful medication. We enjoy activities that were out of reach for us before. We are more at peace with ourselves.

We look forward to a marvelous 2017. Come join the adventure.

Performance through persistence

Through working with MKMMA and Dawn and Drew Ferguson as guide and counsel many things have aligned. My marriage is more rewarding and exciting. My friends and acquaintances are closer and more defined. My family is becoming closer. My inner-self is more at peace. I have a calmer and more positive outlook on everyday life. I enjoy my life. As I breath easier with less push, I am rewarded with abundance.

Wishing all peace and love.

Week Seven of Life’s Master Key.

bigred-web-text-800x535-153kbYou may ask me “What does the Light House has to do with me?”

I never have been exactly sure of my intrigue with light houses. But as I reflect on my life I find that I have always been searching for a meaningful purpose so I can be a beacon for others and maybe myself. As I look at what I just wrote it sounds a bit confusing.

A light house is there to guide people through a journey of safety and security. To warn them of hazards and to be a landmark of navigation. The light house and its keeper are there though calm and distress to be a beacon for others. What would happen if the light were to darken? Would there be disaster? Would people be lost or injured? Possibly so, but what might happen to the lighthouse? Yes, it could be destroyed by its failure to warn of large ship from its hazardous post.

So, as I ponder how I might be a better beacon, I reflect on lessons I have been gifted to listen to. Be positive in my thoughts and actions. No negativity to be allowed to enter into my mind or actions. Wow! Thanks Mark!!! Really?? Election time with all the media and adds? People in panic over issues that may or may not exist. How to shut out even a little negativity would be a chore.

What I found myself doing was detaching from some of the world. My wife loves politics but I would not stand for one minute of hearing useless “debates” and bias media announcers. She respectfully listened to them with ear phones. I blocked or deleted many things on social media. I attempted to steer clear of discussions of such events and people.

I did not always succeed, but what I accomplished was more inner peace than I had been accustomed to at times like this. I had already been working on being less judgemental of others. Being more open to ideas that may have, in the past, been ignored by me. While I failed to lock out all negativity, I succeeded in finding ways to overcome much of darkness in issues and surround myself with peace and beauty.

We all are searching for things in our lives. We search for answers to our daily difficulties. Some small, some large, some overpowering. Sometimes a light shines on us and gives us hope of a direction not seen before. A beacon to guide us through troubled waters. It may come as a soft word from a friend. A touch of tenderness from a loved one. It may be as simple as a smile from a stranger.

Be a beacon of light and shine bright upon all, regardless of calm or storm. It just might be you that you wind up saving.

Steve Calcagno

A Unique Individual with Gifts from God still being explored..

Week 6 of My Life’s Master Key

bigred-web-text-800x535-153kbAs i sit here in search of answers in life I find some peace in knowing we can touch the lives of many people. This has been an emotional week, even more so than the past month. A life form that changed so many persons life left his earthly being behind. I was never blessed with meeting this vibrant young man, yet he had touched my life through pictures, posts, stories, family and friend connections. He was, and is, proof that ONE person CAN change the world.

We are all here on borrowed time and yet we live as though there is time for us to make corrections for bad choices. Surely we can be better husbands, parents, neighbors, friends tomorrow??? Surely, there is plenty of time??? This young man, who was in a physically and mentally challenged condition, not expected to live to see his tenth birthday, could never be expected to contribute to anyone’s life??? Or was he given a purpose, by a much higher power, to be a blessing to so many for over 30 years.

Yes, Life is Fragile. We here this and we say “I know”. I have come to despise those two words. They have no purpose in life, as I am sure Og Mandino would agree that knowledge is useless unless actions are taken that aid in progression and not stagnation. We know life is fleeting, yet we live as though we have time to correct wrongs in our lives.

Since “I know” I have, so far, been blessed with 64 years of a very wonderful life I now live life with a positive and enthusiastic fervor for connection with those around me. My Italian heritage seem to be put in overdrive. I embrace those around me as I go about my day. I reach out to those who have impacted my life and helped me be the man I am today and laid the foundation for the man I will be tomorrow. I hug, kiss, and touch with a great and energetic passion enveloping family and friends a wonderful sense of joy.

Yes, my life must have meaning. I must live my life today as my legacy depends on it. For now, to all of those that may read my rambling, I tell you this lesson I have learned…

Live fully.. Laugh till you cry..(or pee).. Love with unselfish passion…

As one of those angels who touched so many lives would say.. “GOOD NIGHT, And GOD BLESS”. (Red Skelton)

Steve Calcagno, Living a life worth living. Living a life worth leaving.

Week Five of Life’s Master Key

My life’s journey is more exciting and overpowering challenges thought to have been impossible to overcome. I am in amazement of the enhancements to my attitude and outlook on daily challenges that would have, in the past, distracted me or even halted any positive movement forward in my life. The mentoring and instructions I am absorbing are triggering that mysterious source deep inside me that drives my outer self.

I meet the morning alarm with enthusiasm and confidence to successfully accomplish the daily tasks laid out for me. I am energized with a positive attitude that propels me into the days activities. This positive start to the day has empowered me to attack chores that used to haunt me due to procrastination. I am becoming triumphant over drudgery that use to drag me under the water and darken my day.

My goal of creating a healthier trinity of body, mind, and soul is now becoming a reality. Listening with open mind and exchanging bad habits for good habits such as: Eating healthier; Taking Natural supplements; Getting adequate rest; Drinking pure water; Meditation time; Not staying sedentary for long periods; Taking in the blessings around me. My mind and body now working with a shared enthusiasm and vigor.

My vitality has increased and I now look forward to more quality time with my bride, family, friends, and acquaintances. Enjoying the accomplishment with My Life’s Master Key.



Week Four of Life’s Master Key

An emotionally challenging weekend has turned into a triumphant beginning to a joyful life for my family and I. New Habits are taking hold and showing up where old worn out actions used to reside. Smiles and laughter have replaced dull silence and indifference.  I am able to welcome the new changes without feeling a loss for old traditional behavior.

The feeling of exuberance has replaced a lackadaisical unfulfilled existence. I know look forward to the challenges life puts before me in my path to greatness. I feel the energy pouring in from so many channels that were never allowed to enter my inner chamber. I rejoice in new feelings of joy, fulfillment, excitement, and love that my inner being is spilling out of me. People are noticing the positive energy and are responding with enthusiasm.

My “Show Me” state of mind has been transformed in Let Me Show You Something Great. I hurdle walls if doubt and fear that I allowed to stand in my way of my useful life. I have conquered my obsession with “that is the way it must be” and now thrive on my creativeness of influence. The stars are so much brighter from this height.

The joy of seeing God shine his light in and through me has enabled me to take charge of my life while enriching others. I now see my bride’s beautiful eyes shimmer and glow again when she looks at me. The emotional power that is generating empowers more love to flow in me and through me. I rejoice in coming through the dark tunnel and basking in the glow of love.

Steve Calcagno

A Unique and Electrifying Individual Under Construction

Week 3 Life’s Master Key a work in progress.

My excitement grows as I continue my journey into unlocking the treasures of my inner self. I am amazed at the power I possess that I have been unaware of. Things I did not believe I had the power to change I have found that when I challenge myself the answers appear and the route to change is directing me to success.

There have been challenges that have tried to derail my progress: The extra focus on family has been distracting; the extra amount of pressure at the office has been, at times, over demanding overwhelming; and the new processes have added a new dimension to my existence. All this on top of keeping grounded with the priorities of God and family.

All of this has resulted in a greater enthusiastic Steve coming up to the surface of a very stubborn outer self.  This has resulted in shattering my ingrained myths I have developed over the years that have enveloped me, stopping me from being the best Steve I can be. I am living a healthier physical and mental life. I can focus on my Pivotal Personal Needs of True Health and Spiritual Growth.

The feel the excitement growing and taking over my old habits while a learn new positive habits that are pushing me to attain my goals. I hope to be a positive model for all those that take a part in my journey. Thank you for coming along for the ride that has been my life’s journey.

God Bless.

Steve Calcagno

A unique individual man in training.